July 2                                6 - 8pm        Ventura County Meditation Group
July 5                              11am             Festival of Acalanatha, Bodhisattva of Determination
July 8                                7 - 9pm        Central Coast Meditation Group
July 9                              11am             Dick & Patrick DuBray Memorial
July 12                            11am             Full Morning Service
July 18                              9 -1pm         Temple Clean up, grounds maintenance
July 19                           11am              Nagyaarajyuna Ceremony
July 25-26                    10am             2 day Meditation Retreat     
July 26                          11am             Festival of Kshtigarbha Earth-Store Bodhisattva

Aug 1-25                                              Temple is Closed
Aug 30                            11am             Members’ Meeting

Sept 3                               6—8pm        Ventura County Meditation Group
Sept 6                            11am              Full Morning Service
Sept 9                               7—9pm        Central Coast Meditation Group
Sept 13                          11am              Festival of Great Master Dogen
Sept 19                             9—1pm        Temple Clean-up
Sept 20                          11am              Festival of Avalokiteswara, Bodhisattva of Compassion
Sept 25—27                   10am              3-day Meditation Retreat
Sept 27                          11am              Festival of Bhaisajyaguru, Healing Buddha

Oct 1                                 6—8pm        Ventura County Meditation Group
Oct 4                              11am              Festival of Great Master Bodhidharma
Oct 10                              9—1pm         Temple Clean-up
Oct 11                            11am              Recitation of the Surangama
Oct 14                              7—9pm         Central Coast Meditation Group
Oct 18                            11am              Lotus Ceremony
Oct 24                              9—1pm         Temple Clean-up
Oct 25                            11am              Full Morning Service

Pine Mtn. Buddhist Temple Stupa

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