Work Days



Long Term Stays
Committed lay practitioners may apply to spend longer periods of time at the temple, e.g. a month or more.  Those who unable to make a donation towards their stay in the temple and are interested in a work exchange situation should make a commitment to stay for at least one month, during which time you would assist the monks with the maintenance of the buildings and the grounds as a part of your daily practice.  These longer term stays may be treated as an internship, during which you would have the opportunity to learn practical skills and how they can be incorporated into mindfulness practice, or the integration of work with meditation. We can only accommodate one such person at any given time.

Private Retreats
We offer private retreats for people who wish to have considerable privacy within the daily routine of the temple.  We have two one-room meditation huts or cabins which are ideally suited for private retreats.  Please make a suitable donation to the temple for the privilege of staying here and making use of our facilities and conducive atmosphere if you come for a private retreat.  When applying for your stay, please indicate that you are applying for a private retreat.  To the extent that you wish to join the daily schedule of the temple you may, but you are also welcome to structure your time as you see fit.


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