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If you would like to stay the Pine Mountain Buddhist Temple please complete the registration below. You may type in your information and press the Submit Form button or you may print your completed application and mail it to Pine Mountain Buddhist Temple, 941 Lockwood Valley Road, Maricopa, CA 93252. Upon receiving your application, one of the monks will contact you regarding the details of your training period at the temple.

To process your registration we require a deposit of $25, payable either by check or via the link to PayPal, at the bottom of the left menu. The deposit is non-refundable, but may be considered part of the donation you will make for your retreat when you come. We will respond to you regarding the details of your training period at the temple as soon as we have received your completed registration form and the deposit.

Please complete all fields as completely as needed and return this form by clicking the SUBMIT button below. If something does not apply, please put in "none".

Please Note: All of the following fields are required. If you get an error message after pressing the "submit" button, try clicking on the back button and check for any missed fields. Thank-you for your interest

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We keep to a simple (not vegan) vegetarian diet. Do you have food allergies which would require special consideration in what you eat?

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Pine Mountain Temple operates on the basis of Dana, Dana is the ancient Buddhist practice of giving and receiving. Monks and lay people together sustain the Temple by being generous with all they have to offer. Generosity is the first sign of Enlightenment and the practice of generosity opens one’s heart to the Dharma. Pine Mountain Temple has no source of income other than your kind donations, which is the traditional way to show appreciation for the Teaching of the Buddha. By making an offering of money you participate in the existence of the Temple and the merit of such action will benefit all beings.


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